Excel Your Health Group Coaching Session

Increase health and vitality

Lose unwanted pounds

Kick out the sugar habit for good

Boost your energy

Grow closer to God

Love yourself!

Learn the tools to create excellent habits in all areas of your life

The Excel Your Health group coaching takes a mind/body/spirit approach to weight loss. We combine all the benefits of a healthy eating plan which knocks out cravings, nourishes your body, and heals your systems with healthy habit creation, and spiritual alignment.

Each week you will be creating an excellent new habit in each of the three areas. By aligning your body, mind, and spirit with truth and nourishment, you can potentially attain the most amazing body of your life.

You will receive:

  • 12 half hour weekly coaching calls by Julie and Dr. Joseph May
  • A private support group with daily accountability
  • An eating plan that really works!
  • Meal ideas and recipes for delicious food the whole family will love
  • 2 Free tickets to the next Joyful Living Women’s Conference
  • Electronic version of Julie’s Excel Your Health workbook
  • Biweekly weight and measurement check-ins
  • Insight into scriptural references for health and well being
  • And much much more….

After two weeks on the program, Debi Adams wrote:

“Checking in. Got on the scale Saturday afternoon, yep, not first thing in the morning and not naked which is a big deal for me. Down 7.6 pounds from starting weight I wrote down. I was shocked!”

Melinda Jeppson writes this about doing her affirmations:

“I am starting to feel lighter..like weight lifted off my shoulders from doing the 5 positive beliefs. I think listening to my recording declaring those beliefs is what’s helping. Because I would always think positive things, they were just more silent. Now they are BOLD and LOUD so that my mind can hear them and truly believe them!!!!”

Similar programs can retail for as much as $8000. For the many women we’ve saved from weight loss surgery; that cost can be up to $30,000!

Our regular retail price is $2500 for the 12 week program. For a limited time only, you can receive all the benefits of the Excel Your Health group coaching program for only $900!

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